Our mission

Our Mission is to support the efforts of volunteer parents in Montgomery County, Maryland who coordinate alcohol-free and drug-free After-Prom and After-Graduation events.

History and Goals

Montgomery County Project Prom/Graduation (MCPP/G) was founded in March, 1992. It is a coalition of volunteer parents from Montgomery County, Maryland, who coordinate alcohol-free and drug-free all-night after-prom/after-graduation celebrations. MCPP/G was organized to assist volunteers, to share information and resources, and to solicit regional support for their programs. MCPP/G is a grassroots coalition.

MCPP/G is not affiliated with any private or public organization or governmental agency.

Prior to March 1992 several Montgomery County high schools hosted successful after-prom or after-graduation celebrations. However, it was felt that a regional organization could more successfully obtain funding and/or prize donations for the group as a whole.

The parents of MCPP/G are committed to providing all Prom-going juniors and seniors and graduating seniors with a safe, supervised, and fun-filled all-night celebration. Our most important goal is to change what has become an annual tragedy—losing our youth to the deadly mix of alcohol, drugs and impaired driving at a special time in their lives.

Each all-night celebration may differ in theme. However, each offers their students a passport to a night of contests, prizes, fun, food, and companionship with their classmates in an alcohol-free and drug-free setting. The success of these celebrations is the result of the efforts of parents and volunteers, the support of the high schools and local government, and the generous contributions of local businesses and professional, religious and community organizations. MCPP/G has been designated as a charitable [501(c) (3)] organization by the Internal Revenue Service and is registered as a tax-exempt organization under the laws of the State of Maryland. There is currently a membership of 30 schools, 6 private and 24 public, located in Montgomery County *. MCPP/G is building a tradition, and we invite you to join us as we invest in our youth. The alcohol-free and drug-free post-prom and post-graduation all-night celebrations are truly a gift—a gift of life and the preservation of our future.

* MCPP/G offers limited assistance to out-of-county high schools upon request.